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Spring Kids Resale

The Spring Kids Resale is just around the corner on April 14th! For more information, visit our Sale page!

Family Event Reminders

Please remember that family events hosted by the club are for members, spouses and children only unless otherwise stated that a particular event has been opened up to additional guests. The club often contributes a portion of the negotiated discounted group rate to make it even more affordable for members and their families. As a result, members are only paying a portion of what the negotiated per person rate is while the club picks up the rest. This is why most events are limited only to members, spouses and children. Again, if an event is open to inviting other family members or friends the event description will specifically say that the event is open. As a side note: if you the member cannot attend an event or your spouse cannot you may send another family member or baby sitter in your place or your spouses. You would then indicate this in your RSVP to the organizer of the event. Please remember if you RSVP to an event with a pay at the door fee and you are a no show or do not contact the organizer to cancel with a minimum of a 24hr notice, you will still be held accountable for that pay at the door fee. It will also be noted that you owe the fees, therefore suspended to participate in any further events until that fee is collected.