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Amy Gummersheimer is our Membership Committee Coordinator. Amy is responsible for keeping the membership information up to date, welcoming new members, and keeping track of the yearly dues. Please contact Amy with any membership questions or concerns.

New Members

If you are interested in becoming a new member, please fill out our new member form. Members pay $25 annual membership dues. As a new member, your dues amount will be pro-rated based on the date you join the club.

Membership Renewal

Current MMOM members will need to fill out a Renewal/Update Membership form each year and return it to Amy.

Member Participation

This club is for you, so please help us out in some way. We are looking for volunteers in most areas. If you have a special area of expertise, let us know and we can make room for you to shine! Without members volunteering, our club's activity will fall greatly! MMOM needs you! Please come and participate in your club, make it worth while for you and other members!

Please continue to spread the word of our organization to mothers of multiples. We currently have over 60 members. Thank you for your continued support of this group, which could not exist without our members.

For more information about our Metro East Mothers of Multiples Group, email us or call Marilyn Elam at 618-236-2321.