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We are the Southern Illinois Multiples Club. We have over 60 members and growing! We have regular events and meetings. We serve the Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair Counties and surrounding cities.

We are here for encouragement, support, and advice. Overall, we are a fun group and offer true friendships. We celebrate holidays and have picnics, and enjoy other special events together. We also have our well known MMOM sale twice a year, plus other lively events. Our members receive newsletters containing meeting dates and places, articles, helpful hints, updates on our members, up-coming event dates, and more!

MMOM membership is open to all mothers and guardians who have multiples in the Southern Illinois area. Our dues are only $25 per year. In order to be an official member, dues must be paid. To participate in the MMOM sale, you must be an official member. Other special events may be restricted to members also. Contact us for more information on non-member and member events.

Why Join MMOM?

Being a mother of multiples can be challenging. MMOM will help you through your journey through parenthood. We offer benefits such as:

  • Welcome to the Life of Multiples Packet
  • Monthly Subscription to MMOM Newsletter
  • Opportunity to sell in our well known Bi-Yearly MMOM Re-Sale
  • MMOM Meetings, state conventions, activities, and more!

Come join us, contact us or call we would love to hear from you!

For more information about our Metro East Mothers of Multiples group, call Marilyn Elam at 618-236-2321.